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An Interview between Ingrid Kesa for Miss Vogue 2014

The influence of luxury brands on streetwear.

What kind of streetwear brands did you wear growing up?
The first brand I was ever obsessed with was Stussy. The logo, the ads in Thrasher magazine, it was the first time I saw that a
lifestyle was associated with a brand. Art, skateboarding, surfing and music I felt I could be a part of it too by wearing a Stussy bucket hat.
For The Homies has a very tongue-in-cheek approach to high fashion... Is this parody, pastiche, are you poking fun at luxury labels and the people who buy into them or making a statement about culture in general?
The label is back! Big bold and beautiful. Give us horses, carts and crowns. Lions, medusas and double Cs. But hang on, these labels aren’t meant for us… A couture Chanel suit is upwards of $60k and I don’t know whose homie is buying that.
Essentially what Homies is doing is taking their power/identity and now calling it ours and for the street. Believe me, theyre pissed.
Burrberry check yo’self as Ice cube might say.
Labels like Givenchy, and their unofficial posterboys like Kanye, have really influenced streetwear. Do you think high end fashion has a role in streetwear subculture, are the lines becoming too blurred, are OG streetwear brands ‘selling out’?
Luxury brands are the masters of the monogram and appropriation has been in streetwear from the beginning. Stussy’s interlocking Ss compared to Gucci’s interlocking Gs was probably one of the first examples of it. The link has always been there, things trickle down and vice versa
What do you think are the biggest changes in streetwear over the last decade, and where do you see it headed in the next ten years?
City tribes have been merged to become a singular global tribe. You can no longer differentiate a person from New York or Sydney or Paris from their get up. Why fly to Tokyo to pick up a pair of sneakers when you can cop them on ebay an hour after the release and have them shipped to you in two days? The art of making personal connections and finding all the stores in foreign countries is dead. Who needs friends when you have a credit card and the internet… R-I-P.
As For the next ten years, who knows??