12 Apr

This is it, this is it! Acclaim For The Homies

Posted by Peter Le Chic

I’ve always been obsessed with magazines, just take a look at my collection of The Face to prove it. I still remember the first time hearing about it and buying a copy for myself. Thats how much of an impact it made on me.
So when the opportunity came up to edit one, i thought “how hard can it be?” i couldn’t have been more wrong how challenging it was:

956 emails written and still counting.. 600 cheki photos, 128 train rides, countless number of beers, burgers and hangovers. 10 flights, 3 glasses of $500 saki, 1 taxi to go around the block, 1 blackout, 1muthafuckin’ typhoon
And one real shit bitch

In the upcoming posts, ill get a bit deeper to who and why certain people are in the issue and what makes them so special to me.