03 Apr

Size does Matter

Posted by Homies staff


SDM 'SIZE DOES MATTER'. The SDM Crew was seen as one of the main driving forces in Melbourne’s graffiti scene in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s. They were known for elaborate full-colour productions with such a huge diversity in styles from member to member. Everyone in the crew has a different perspective, so an SDM productions always stood out as something completely unique to the standard Melbourne style.


Responsible for Melbourne’s famous first full colour top-to-bottom whole train and the epic SDM between South Yarra and Richmond station which is still the biggest piece in Melbourne. As well as all being very successful, be it with Fine Arts, Tattooing or Graphic Design, SDM is still one of the most motivated and popular graffiti crews in the city. Members also recently won the best production category for the Australia/New Zealand region in the Ironlak Comp 2010 and currently have a wall on show at the NGV at Fed Square.



This NGV wall is part of a graffiti competition that uses social media as a voting tool so the public can go to the NGV Facebook page and like any status updates that mention SDM, comment and like the SDM gallery they have setup or if you prefer Twitter, just tweet "@thesdmcrew to win @ngv_melbourne, #ngvstudio" (click the link if you are already logged in to twitter). And this will all help towards getting the crew an exhibition at the new NGV Studio which is opening soon at Fed Square.


The wall is currently on show everyday by the Atrium in Fed Square and you can find more information on the guys via the links below:  

SDM site


SDM Twitter


SDM Facebook page