Kase Avila For The Homies

Kase Avila is back with his latest offering, ‘As Long As We Got’, available on all streaming platforms on February 4th. The collection of new tracks expresses Avila’s experiences in the last twelve months, which have been equal parts challenging, transformative, and wholly unforgettable. 

The project’s title references the tumultuous 2021 Kase endured due to a chronic kidney issue that has been a part of his life since his teens. The Sydney beatmaker’s year was punctuated by a harrowing episode spent in the hospital and lengthy sessions of being on dialysis. For Avila, reprioritising his quality of life led him to realise the deep appreciation for the overwhelming love from his family and friends. The seed for something beautiful had been sewn in the darkest of corners. All that was left for Kase to do was let his imagination flourish.

The result is ‘As Long As We Got’, a sonic culmination of existential meditations and free-flowing creativity. These fifteen new tracks interweave his signature sounds and tempos while exploring new musical territories. Across each lush instrumental, Aviila’s boom-bap drums, smooth melodies, and careful sampling act as a blissful reminder of what we’ve come to adore about him. However, he has deep dove into spacious synths and minimalist flourishes, creating a body of music that exudes an atmosphere that is both comforting and intriguing. 

‘As Long As We Got’ also marks Kase’s collaboration with Japanese artist Shi In and Melbourne based brand ‘For The Homies’. This partnership has given the project unique visuals and added dimension that extends its identity long after the final beat has faded out.

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