A bridge between menswear and streetwear with signature custom designs, tailored garments, graphic tees and accessories, the brand is the vision of director and founder Pete Le Chic.

Most streetwear labels venture into cut and sew clothing design in order to keep their t-shirt brands in the game, but this is where For The Homies got their start.

Pete’s first ever dream job was to be the artist who made the art for skateboard decks. At age 18 he realised this dream by working for a skateboard company that gave him his first opportunity to begin working with clothing, pattern makers and manufacturers. Through this he found a love of designing and went on to become an apprentice tailor for 2 years where he began sewing clothes. He was making streetwear, but using the tailoring techniques he was learning in his apprenticeship with a vision that there was a better and more interesting way to construct clothes than the mass produced way.

Since all the clothes he made were starting to pile up he decided to give them to friends, who happened to be artists, DJs and musicians. With the exposure of this small group Pete was contacted to see if he wanted to sell some of his clothes, and For The Homies was born in 2006.

Choosing never to sacrifice on quality the production is managed by like minded and passionate manufacturers in Canada, USA and Japan. Each release is heavily influenced by Pete’s personal experience, his love of art, skateboarding, graffiti, street culture and particularly by music.

For The Homies has never been a brand for the masses and is distinct in its visual identity and culture, creating an “insiders club”. By bringing people together it has paved the way for a flourishing niche.



General Enquiries:  yo@forthehomies.com

Press Enquiries:  pr@forthehomies.com